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This is the affiliate section Vedado Apartment. If you are an existing affiliate, please sign in to access your control panel.

Join the Vedado Apartment Affiliate Program and discover the benefits of connecting to an online accommodation booking system without intermediaries where you can earn 2 times the commission that Booking or Airbnb can give you.

How does it work:

1-You register

2-Create your own affiliate link. Where you can access your statistics and have a control of how many times you click on your link.

Affiliate fees and payments.

For each sale made as a result of the affiliation program, a sales commission consisting of 7% of the price of the reservation will be paid.

I give you an example:

With a standard Reservation of Booking of 300 euros, Booking will take 16% of commission this would be about 48 Euros, of this 48 Euros Booking would give you 25% this would be 12 Euros for you for a reservation of 300. Instead Vedado Apartment for a reservation of 300 euros could give you 7% commission that would be 21 euros.

The payment will be made through bank transfer or Paypal once the return period of the reservation has passed.

Suggestion of how to approach:

In this site Vedado Apartment is completely safe and you can save the commission of large platforms such as Airbnb that takes 12% of the actual cost of your reservation or Booking that takes 16% or more, depending on the client that hosts your accommodation You can increase your visibility by increasing the commission from 16% upwards which would make the price more expensive, Expedia charges a minimum of 20% and the same if you want to increase your visibility will increase the price. So I think it’s the best option.

If you are not an affiliate, but want to become one, you will have to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user in our Alifiliado Program. If you have an existing account, please login. Otherwise, register.