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Website Terms of Use – Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy


  1. These General Conditions will be applied if no other specific conditions have been set up by User, Owner or Partner, to the use of the vacation rental platform housed in www.Vedado Apartment.comshereinafter the platform) and the management software associated with it (the Software), both owned by Vedado Apartment, residing at c / Joan guell 180.


  1. Accessing and registering in the Platform, using its services and resources, or the products or services that can be obtained through it, is completely voluntary. Using the Platform implies the explicit acceptance of all terms established in these General Terms. According to the last version published at any time and without prejudice of the acceptance of additional Particular Conditions for some specific service, if necessary. Vedado Apartment reserves the right to modify these General Terms of Use at any time.




  1. This Platform is intended as a software which allows to manage tourist and holiday accommodations in real time. It offers services to their owners, online portal booking companies and final users, allowing the Owners to keep their availability calendar updated at any time, in any of the portals where they advertise their accommodations. At the same time, it allows Owners as well as booking management portals to manage online accommodation booking.


  1. A person who uses the Platform in any way, corresponding to any profile in general, when it is not specified otherwise, and particularly a Traveller’s profile, shall be understood as theUser, once these Terms of Use are accepted when making a reservation. The User who uses the Platform to manage their accommodations, shall be understood as Owner. And the portal manager User who uses the Platform to manage any of their services, shall be understood as Partner or Portal .
  2. Registration is required in order to access the services offered by the Platform. Minors who wish to register must obtain a prior parental consent, approved by their parents, guardians or legal representatives who shall be responsible for all actions taken through the Platform by the minors dependent on them .


  1. The User is responsible for the accuracy, validity and truthfulness of any information, text, data or picture provided during the registration process or while using the Platform, as well as for the services availability (“the Resources”). Vedado Apartment reserves the right to take the action in the 5.4 section, in case of verifying inaccuracy or untruthfulness of the data .
  2. The User guarantees Vedado Apartment to be the owner with authority to dispose of the Resources. Likewise, he declares that these resources respect copyright, patent right, trademark, know-how and any other third parties’ intellectual or industrial property rights and that they do not violate any rule. The User shall be solely liable for any claim brought by third parties to have authority to dispose of the Resources and he shall indemnify for any damages or loss caused in case Vedado Apartment must face any third-party claims arising out of such rights violation.
  3. The User cedes reproduction, distribution and public communication rights of the Resources to Vedado Apartment, both in its physical and digital form.
  4. The User commits to not introduce any resources which infringe any legal provisions, principles of decency, public peace or these General Terms of Use, in the Platform. The User commits to (including but not limited):
    1. not introduce or spread any data program (viruses or harmful software) which can damage the access provider, its suppliers or third internet users’ informatic systems.
    2. not to spread, transmit, or put at the disposal of third parties resources which represent illegal or unfair advertising or which are unfair competition.
    3. not to transmit unsolicited or unauthorised advertisement, advertising material, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other way of solicitation, except in those areas (such as commercial space) exclusively intended for this purpose.
    4. not to introduce or spread any information or any false, ambiguous or inaccurate contents which may mislead third parties.
    5. not to spread, transmit, or put at the disposal of third parties, resources which violate third parties’ intellectual or industrial property rights.
    6. not to spread, transmit, or put at the disposal of third parties, resources which violate communications privacy, or the personal data protection legislation.


  1. The users shall take all reasonable measures to prevent their password disclosure and must not allow other people to access the site through their accounts. In case the user is aware of any unauthorised use of his accounts, or loss, theft or disclosure of his password, he must immediately notify Vedado Apartment. Vedado Apartment shall not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any data loss or violation of confidentiality or any other consequences resulting from a user’s identity theft, in case he has been negligent by breaching his duty to protect the passwords provided or in case he does not notify Vedado Apartment as mentioned above.
  2. The Users shall not copy, modify or alter the Platform code, contents or design, and they shall not interfere with its proper functioning. Framing without Vedado Apartment’s consent is explicitly forbidden.
  3. The USER commits to not impersonate others’ identity when accessing the Platform, also to not try to access non authorised sections and to not make any illicit use of a possible security breach or provoke or try to provoke it.
  4. If these obligations are not abided, Vedado Apartment has the right to cease the User’s Platform access, by deactivating passwords, cancelling orders, or even eliminating any Resource published by the User, at its discretion.


  1. Vedado Apartment may add any advertisement, of its own or of someone else’s, considered interesting for Users, committing not to provide any personal information to advertisers, except anonymous statistical data about how the Platform is used, in order to improve service and offer products or services adapted to users’ expectations .
  2. Vedado Apartment informs users that advertisers and suppliers can gather information about users’ activity in the Platform and the sections they visit, through cookies. Vedado Apartment disclaims all liability of any consequences that may arise from this use and the collection of this information.


  1. Vedado Apartment may use the information provided by the Software and collected in the Platform in order to carry out statistical analysis of occupancy rate, overnight stays, number of places, number of bookings, availability, users’ origin, hired services and demand. The information collected and the results are exclusively Vedado Apartment’s property. Therefore, it will be possible to inform, offer or sell it to third parties without any compensation to the User. These data will always be of a general nature, in such a way as the User or the establishment they have been collected from, can never be identified.


  1. Vedado Apartment maintains in the Platform all available technical means to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or theft of personal data and information provided by Users, notwithstanding that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.This is accepted by the user.
  2. Vedado Apartment protects User’s personal information during transmissions using SSL software (Secure Sockets Layer), which encrypts information provided by Users.


  1. Incorrect use of the Platform: Access and correct use of Resources and services offered by the Platform are the User’s responsibility. Vedado Apartment is not responsible for misuse, illicit or negligent use made by any User.
  2. Continuity of Service: Vedado Apartment does not guarantee the availability, access or continuity of the service of the Software or the Platform. Therefore, it shall not be responsible for any damage to the User arising out of unavailability, access failure or lack of service continuity, with the limitations provided by the current legislation.
  3. Resources: Vedado Apartment does not guarantee neither the truthfulness or accuracy of the Resources published by Users in the Platform nor their origin, property, use or practical application made by the User, especially with reference to the accommodation information published by Owners and Partners. Vedado Apartment disclaims any responsibility on the matter. Any User can report any violation detected, in such a way as Vedado Apartment takes the measures considered appropriate, including those mentioned in section 5.4, in case of verification of any violation of these Conditions.
  4. Links: the Platform can content links to other websites, Vedado Apartment assumes no liability whatsoever for its contents or any consequences caused by its use.
  5. Virus: Vedado Apartment undertakes to apply all necessary measures to try to guarantee the User the absence of viruses, worms, Trojans and similar elements in the Platform. However, these measures are not infallible. Therefore, Vedado Apartment does not guarantee the absence of such harmful elements and disclaims any responsibility for any damage these could caused to the User or to third parties.
  6. Hiring third parties through the Platform: The User acknowledges and accepts that any contractual or non-contractual relation that he may formalise with advisers or third parties contacted through the Platform, he does so under his full responsibility. Therefore, Vedado Apartment does not accept any responsibility arising from any damage of any kind caused as a consequence of these negotiations and contractual or non-contractual relationships with third parties contacted through the Platform .
  7. Platform modification or suspension: Vedado Apartment reserves the right to modify, at any time, the look, the content or the functionality of the Platform, as well as the right to modify or suspend its services, temporarily or permanently and to modify at any time and without previous notice, its General Terms of Use for the purposes of its adaptation to current legislation or other purposes, and it shall not be responsible for technical failures or interruption of the offered services. The User shall have access to the latest version of these General Terms of Use at any time in the Platform on the “Legal Notice” section. Since the use of the Platform shall constitute the User’s agreement with the applicable conditions, the User is advised to check that section from time to time.


  1. The software, the Platform design, as well as their source code, logos, trademarks and other distinguishing signs appearing therein, are owned by Vedado Apartment or its suppliers and they are protected by the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights. Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transfer, transformations, reverse engineering or similar activities are expressly prohibited unless explicitly approved in writing by Vedado Apartment or their owner.
  2. Platform contents entered by Vedado Apartment in any format are also protected by its intellectual property rights or those of its suppliers. Their use or reproduction shall only be allowed if there is an explicit contractual relationship.



For more information about the treatments of the personal information and your rights concerning this matter, you can consult ours Privacy Policy

  1. Security measures: Vedado Apartment shall, at all times when treating personal data files, adopt basic, medium or high level security measures according to the kind of data, as established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 (SPAIN), the 21st December. These measures shall be depicted in its Security Documentation.
  2. Cookies: Any User can visit the Platform without revealing neither his identity, nor his personal data. Vedado Apartment’s web servers can only collect domain names, never visitors’ email addresses. This kind of information is the one used in order to collect website visits statistics, such as time spent on it, pages viewed, User’s general source (through bookmarks, a browser, another website link) and only in order to learn the use of the Platform and improve its contents and services.
  3. Third party data: If the User hires any of the services offered through the Platform on behalf of a third party, either as a travel agency, a tour operator, a booking centre, a cooperator, an acquaintance, or a friend, the User shall be responsible for obtaining the express authorisation to hire services as well as to introduce his personal data in the Platform. The User guarantees he has informed the above mentioned third party of each and every implication related to data protection established in these General Terms, since this third party shall be treated as the User, to all intents and purposes.


  1. The Platform is for public and free use and any user may access the information herein disclosed and make use of any of the functionalities which require registration without restriction. VEDADO APARTMENT reserves the possibility of offering some services only to users registered through the corresponding users registration form, which is at the disposal of any USER. Accepting in each case, the particular terms of use and SPECIFIC OBLIGATIONS of each profile:
    • Accommodations OWNERS terms of use.
    • The Terms of use for USERS or TRAVELLERS who book an accommodation through VEDADO APARTMENT (hereinafter TRAVELLERS): are the booking conditions which they must accept when making a reservation.
    • PORTALS AND PARTNERS terms of use.